Book Review: The Law Society’s ‘Employment Law Handbook’ 7th edition Barnett, Baker and Butler

Our firm was delighted to be asked to review the latest edition of the Law Society’s ‘Employment Law Handbook‘.

This 7th edition of the legal handbook offers comprehensive coverage and commentary on the key topics in employment law. It is an excellent read both for the experienced practitioner looking for handy up to date commentary on the most debated issues in the field and also for the junior lawyer looking for a well-written reliable legal companion. Commentary on the status of ‘gig economy‘ workers has also been extremely helpful at a time of extreme uncertainty.

All in all it is a worthwhile purchase and readers will not be disappointed with the depth of expertise provided by the three reputable authors, all experienced in the field of employment law.

ebl miller rosenfalck – March 2018

Contact details:

Philip Henson, Partner and Head of Employment Team

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