The Place Beyond the Pines – Review

The Place Beyond the Pines – Review  

Bad boy circus motorcyclist, Luke, (one of Canada’s finest exports – Ryan Gosling) turns bank robber to provide money for his lover (Eva Mendez), and their new-born child. Pumped up rookie cop (Bradley Cooper) is prepared to do all he can to track Luke down and stop him. Corruption abounds and that ushers in a rather scary Police Officer played by Ray Liotta, who never tires of playing the scary corrupt character.

Directed by Derek Cianfrance (Blue Valentine) in terms of cinematography and music this film is a giddying delight with parallels to Gosling’s finest hour Drive, which was cruelly robbed of the best screenplay Oscar. It is a long film (144 minutes),  and at times it seems to be two short stories sewed together. However, I recommend it for the quality of the script, strong casting, sublime shots of New York State and the remarkable performance by upcoming star Emory Cohen.

Phil says: 7.82/10



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