Iron Man 3 – Review

Iron Man 3 – Review

You will know the drill by now. The first two super hero films are action roller coasters and the third instalment usually sees the hero looking inward reflecting upon his purpose and suffering from increasing anxiety. Iron Man 3 does not disappoint as Robert Downey Jr continues to fit into the role of Tony Stark like one of his many bespoke suits.

A strange terrorist, appropriately called the Mandarin, (Ben Kingsley) starts taking over the TV waves to announce his plans to bring a new brand of terror attacks to the US. Cue scene in the White House – ‘sir you really have to see this’. Iron Man is coaxed into action to hunt him down. When they meet the Mandarin is far from what Tony Stark had anticipated.

Explosions galore, eye popping special effects, kidnappings, strange medical experiments, presidential intrigues; and the ever wonderful Sir Ben Kingsley, and the versatile Guy Pierce. What marks this film out is out the surprisingly deep vein of very British self-depreciating humour throughout.

What lets the film down are the frequent references to worm holes and ‘what happened in New York – references to the Avengers Assemble film, which might be lost on some viewers.

Spoiler alert – If you watch the film to the very end – after the lengthy trailers – you will see a short additional scene with Mark Ruffalo (who plays Hulk in the Avengers Assemble) that will leave you in no doubt that we can expect more from Tony et al in Avengers Assemble 2 which is expected in 2015.

Phil’s rating: 7.54/10  



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