Cold War – Film Review

Crime thriller Cold War (the opening film of the Terracotta film festival) has more twists and turns than the latest ride at Alton Towers. The film starts with an explosion inside a cinema in Hong Kong; followed by the kidnapping of a police van.  A call from a hostage taker asking for a calculation of how much the lives of 5 police man could be worth starts a search across Hong Kong for the perpetrators.

Asia’s safest city has another problem as rival deputy police commissioners Sean Lau (Aaron Kwok) and Waise Lee (Tony Leung Ka-Fai) fight to take charge of the rescue operation, code named Cold War. Aaron Kwok once again shows off his ability looking remarkable handsome whilst looking as though he is about to say something profound. Tony Leung K-Fai (the Lover) gives yet another acting master class. The award winning script is very witty in places, with camera shots show casing the majestic beauty of the Hong Kong Landscape.


Phil says: 7.35/10


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