Phil’s tips for Reading Festival 2011 (Sunday)

Following on from Glastonbury in June I am breaking out the Wellington boots again this weekend with a fleeting trip to Reading festival.  Here are my tips.

1. WARPAINT – An amazing band from the USA. The lead singer has a voice reminiscent of Emilana Torrini especially the way that she enunciates her words (although I am not sure if the lead singer is from Iceland). Here is a link to their excellent song “Elephant” 

2. TWIN ATLANTIC  – A promising Scottish band (from Glasgow), much touted by BBC Radio 1 and featured on the Radio 1 documentary called ‘The Next Big Thing’ . Here is a link to their song – “human after all”. 

3. Bedouin Soundclash – One of the best bands that I have seen in the last 12 months (at a skiing event in Battersea this year). A very underrated band – Canadian too, so they must me good! Check out “until we burn” –

4.  Muse – of course! Here is a link to “Feeling good“, their homage to the classic jazz song made famous by Nina Simone

5. Interpol – From New York City, a band that I only really got to know a few years ago, as soon as I heard them I recognised that I had been worshipping false idols at the turn of the century, and that they were the original. Here is a link to a live version of “NYC” – 

6. Elbow – The best band at Glastonbury this year.

By Philip Henson, Bargate Murray


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