Downtown Toronto – Places to Visit on Queen Street West

Downtown Toronto – Places to Visit on Queen Street West

Here are some of my essential tips for something a bit different on Queen Street West, downtown Toronto – either new, or exciting.

1. Arepa Cafe – located @ 490 Queen Street West, Toronto.

This newish (it opened at the end of 2009) friendly Venezuelan cafe serves some real treats, the likes of which you may not have sampled before. For example, corn meal bread grilled and filled with Chicken Avocado, Red onion and Coriander – the question being whether you dare to try the hot sauce. They also serve excellent coffee.

2. Gallery – located at 627 Queen Street West I was delighted to happen upon this fun and exciting gallery showing artists from across Canada.

Currently showing the work of Tongson Chen, who is an OCADU student in his final year – worth checking out.

3. Magic Pony Gallery – located @ 680 Queen Street West

This established gallery has contemporary art prints and originals by well-known artists such as Gary Taxali (who has had a recent show in London), and Canadian Collective – Team Macho; also designer toys and mini figures.

By Philip Henson, Partner, in award-winning law firm Bargate Murray, London (UK).


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