Corrigan’s of Mayfair – one of my favourite restaurants in London

There is a perception etched in the minds of many travellers that the UK is a culinary backwater, lacking in imagination and taste. Of course in some quarters of London (where tourists are trapped like insects on fly paper in establishments offering “the best fish and chips in town”) this might of course be true.

Such a charge could not be levied against Richard Corrigan‘s intimate restaurant in Mayfair. As a self-confessed restaurant snob I was instantly put at ease when I returned to Corrigans this weekend with my wife and some very close friends who had flown over from the Hague.

Smiling, happy and attentive staff welcoming you on arrival; pristine white tableclothes; an exciting wine list (including an excellent chardonnay from the underrated Niagara region of Canada); freshly baked bread; personalised Corrigans cutlery; knowledgable waiting staff; fresh produce from artisan producers , and soft lighting (albeit will a rather abstract chain link on the ceiling).

Corrigan’s is up there with some of my other favourites in London: the Harwood Arms (Fulham); Apsley’s; the St. John and Eyre Brothers.

Click here for a link to the menu.

Click here for AA Gill‘s review

Philip Henson, Partner in the award-winning law firm Bargate Murray.


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