Reducing Red Tape – Take the new Government Challenge

The Government has launched its ‘Red Tape Challenge’ website, which allows businesses and the public to vote for regulations which they think should be scrapped. The outcome will be followed closely by lawyers, and HR practitioners alike.

The challenge aims to examine over 21,000 statutory rules and regulations currently active in the UK, focusing on regulations that the Government considers to place the biggest burdens on businesses and society. The website will operate until April 2013.

Employment regulations can be found under the ‘general regulations’ as they ‘affect all sectors’.

The regulations in this category are designed to protect employees from unfair practices and ensure that employees and employers are clear about their rights and responsibilities in the workplace.

They include a link to all 151 regulations that relate to employment law. For ease of commenting the web site has broken these regulations into the following four areas:

Taking people on
Managing staff
Letting people go
Compliance and enforcement

The General regulations section is also divided up into: Company law; Health and Safety; Equalities; Pensions, and Environment.

Respondents are able to say what’s working and what’s not, what can be simplified and what can be scrapped.

Ministers then have three months to decide which regulations they will scrap, with the presumption that all burdensome regulations will go unless the relevant Government department can justify to an independent reviewer why the regulation is needed. The Government intends to repeal scrapped regulations ‘as quickly as possible’.

For more information follow this link:

Philip Henson, Partner, Bargate Murray.


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