And the award for best April Fools Day joke goes too….

I had thought that the best April Fools Day joke today was going to be the BBC weather forecast this morning which promised temperatures of 22 degrees, and glorious sunshine. That was until I saw the hilarious Guardian Royal Wedding build up blog.

My favourite updates include:

  • Suggestions are flying around the Twitterverse this morning that the Queen’s corgis will be present at the wedding — and that one may even bear the wedding rings to the bride and groom.
  •  Sky News is reporting that the president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, has been granted the front three rows of seating in Westminster Abbey on April 29 as a result of a deal brokered by Prince Andrew.
  • The prince, according to information from “Sky sources”, has determined that he will fly his new bride in a bright yellow RAF search-and-rescue Sea King helicopter. “She really fancies me in my flying suit,” he told friends, an unspecified source tells the Mail. We’ll have more details as soon as we get them.

The best part is the Latin Motto at the top – Sis Tranquillus est Locum – which as my Latin Teacher, Mr Millington, would have told you translates along the lines of: “Fret not, its a joke!”

Philip Henson – Bargate Murray  


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