Welcome to Employment Law Update – by the employment team @ ebl miller rosenfalck (law firm in London, EC1)

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This is the blog of  the employment law team at ebl miller rosenfalck solicitors, based in Clerkenwell, London (UK).

We enjoy our work at ebl miller rosenfalck, and we strive to add value to our client relationships.  We are well-known for being friendly and approachable and for helping international businesses expand to London (UK), and for making introductions to help our clients grow their businesses.

This blog provides updates and personal opinions on UK Employment law, and some other occasional comments (and a rant or two!) on music, film,  politics, travel and other areas that may be of interest.  Our comments do not constitute legal advice.

Notes for Editors:

ebl miller rosenfalck is an international business law firm known for its expertise in inward and outward investments and in-depth knowledge of cross border issues. The team supports international businesses who are establishing a business in the UK, or exporting to the UK; and assist UK and international businesses who are establishing businesses in Europe, or who export to Europe.


ebl stands for “European Business Lawyers”. ebl  miller rosenfalck is a member firm, along with our friends in France and Germany: ebl esch&kramer, ebl factum, and ebl lexington. For more information please go to ebl-law.com.

Clients range from start-ups, SMEs – typically in their growth stage – to listed corporations.  Sector expertise includes: tech, creative, media, film, hospitality, leisure, energy and renewables.

The employment team provides an employment law helpdesk function which offers assistance with day-to-day HR support for UK and European clients, which we will be expanding. We will also be launching a private client service which will provide bespoke support for senior executives in their personal capacity.

Most of the team are legally qualified in another European jurisdiction and/or speak at least another European language. Working with ebl offices across Europe, and via the Warwick Legal Network, the firm offers a seamless pan European service. The firm has five country specific desks based in the London office: Danish, French, German, Italian and Swedish.

In addition to the expanding employment team the firm offers expertise in the following areas: dispute resolution, company, commercial, immigration/business immigration, real estate, and intellectual property. The firm also has an independent HR consultancy function.

This blog is edited by Philip Henson, Partner and Head of the Employment Team.

Philip can be contacted at ph@millerrosenfalck.com.



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